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Foot Care For Summer – How To Get Your Feet Sandal Ready

Now that it is nearly summertime it is time to get your feet ready for wearing sandals if you have not already. Before you expose your toes in public you will want to get them ready for show and there is a number of things that you need to do.

The first thing that you need to do is to get your feet in shape and this means removing any traces of old nail polishes. Once all of the old polish has been removed them you need to cut your nails and then file them back and this needs to be done in one direction so that you do not end up with jagged edges.  Use a buffer to ensure that all of the edges are smooth.

Check your feet for dry skin as you will want to get rid of any dry skin that you have. Use a foot file that is designed for dry skin. Whittle down the rough patches and calluses on the balls and heels of the feet. After filing off the dry skin use a special cream that is designed for keeping the feet soft and smooth, this is best used on the feet overnight.

The next job is to exfoliate using a grainy scrub and soak your feet in warm water. Whilst you are at it, you could also do your legs. Gently push the cuticles on your nails back and clean under the nail using an orange stick.

When it comes to applying polish to your newly cleaned nails start by using a base coat of your chosen nail polish. Applying a base coat will help the colour to remain for longer and it will also help to protect the nails. Once the base coat has dried then apply two thin coats of your preferred colour and then allow them twenty minutes to dry. It is best to refresh the nail polish every couple of day by applying a new layer.

When you are wearing sandals in the summer months then make a point of applying some sunscreen to the top of the feet to avoid getting sunburn. The top part of the foot is an area that will be exposed to the sun which is not used to such exposure, therefore, it will be more prone to burning. By following these few simple steps then you will have lovely feet to show off whilst wearing sandals during the summer.


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