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The Benefits of Memory Foam Shoes

The Benefits of Memory Foam Shoes

We all need to take better care of our feet. It is our feet which take us from one place to the next after all; ask any teacher or waitress who spends all day on their feet - sore feet can really ruin your day. There is also nothing worse than waking up in the morning with sore or swollen feet. This is why Foamtreads, a leader in foam footwear technology, use memory foam in our slippers.

But what exactly is memory foam and how does it benefit us? To us at Foamtreads, memory foam means that we remember when we were the first and only brand using memory foam in our slippers! Memory foam was originally developed in the United States of America for the space program in the 1960s, but the design was never used by NASA. The creation didn’t go to waste, though, as it soon developed a following in the medical community. Today it is used in everything from mattresses to slippers. The chemicals added to the polyurethane change the density of the foam which makes it very unique.

When the foam is cold, it becomes very rigid. However, once it warms up it turns into a more pliable material. This means that memory foam can instantly change shape once warm. This trait interested medical professionals, who quickly realized that this could help a lot of people. For example, adding a memory foam topper to a mattress for a patient who is bedridden dramatically lowers the amount of pressure sores which they will suffer.

In the same way that memory foam can help relieve discomfort for bedridden patients, it can help people who suffer from foot pain. A lot of house slippers might offer warmth, but very few offer any support. Memory foam provides both comfort and support as it immediately conforms to the shape of your foot.

At Foamtreads, we have even taken it one step further. We know that you need support outside of the house as well. This is why we have a range of outdoor slippers as well. With more than five decades experience in the industry, you are in superb hands (or feet).

Even though Foamtreads are for absolutely everyone, we have a specialty line called Foameds. These were purpose designed to help people with health concerns, which affect their feet and their ability to move. With Foameds, you can move comfortably in good looking shoes!


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