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Health Benefits of Slippers

Health Benefits of Slippers

With the wave of self-care and wellness trends constantly rising, we often ignore the body part that suffers the most stress: our feet. From waking up to getting back into bed at night, most people are on their feet all day, and how they feel plays a significant role in our mood and well-being. If you’re tired of sore feet, we probably don’t have to convince you why a pair of warm & cozy slippers are perfect for around the house, but did you know they also provide other health and orthopedic advantages? From optimal arch support to thermal regulation and accident prevention, we’ve broken down some of the many benefits of wearing slippers in this comprehensive guide. Our commitment to quality & comfort at Foamtreads combines plush materials with innovative designs for superior comfort, effortless relaxation, and all the transformative benefits of slippers.

Health Benefits of Wearing Slippers

Foot Support and Alignment

Runners, walkers, and other athletes often look for shoes that offer exceptional comfort & performance, but forget that it’s not only important to have comfortable outdoor footwear. We spend a lot of time on our feet indoors, and many of our stylish and athletic footwear don’t offer enough arch support, leading to pain and discomfort. 

Several people dismiss foot discomfort or may be unaware of underlying orthopedic issues, but properly-fitting slippers provide essential arch support & stability, reducing any residual aches and pains. In fact, orthotic slippers hug your natural footprint, alleviating the stress on your feet from walking barefoot around the house. They can also help manage pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or high arches, rather than walking barefoot around your home. 

Additionally, investing in medical slippers with custom support reduces the strain on your ankles & knees, promoting a better posture and enhancing mobility. 

Cushioning and Impact Absorption

When you’re looking for the right pair of slippers, choose some that provide your feet with the cushioning they deserve. Not only does it make your slippers more comfortable, but it also reduces pressure and shock on your feet. 

Quality cushioning, like memory foam, is essential for individuals with foot problems or people on their feet all day. The added support encourages blood flow to reduce swelling and helps distribute weight evenly, diminishing the strain on your muscles and joints and making your daily activities more enjoyable. 

Because cushioning also provides shock absorption, you’ll alleviate pressure on the parts of your foot that may be taking more impact. If you regularly walk or stand for extended periods, proper impact absorption can prevent fatigue & discomfort, reaping long-term benefits like a decreased risk of foot-related injuries. 

Non-Slip Safety

Whether you’re doing chores or just going from room to room, our wood, tile, and linoleum floors can be extremely slippery, especially if you’ve just got socks on. It only takes one wrong move to fall, but slippers with non-slip soles provide a sturdier grip and enhanced stability on various surfaces, especially compared to loafers or house shoes. The non-slip soles significantly reduces the risk of accidents on smooth kitchen floors or wet bathroom tiles. 

Non-slip soles can prevent mishaps and create a safer living environment at home, ensuring greater peace of mind for everyone. In particular, older adults, children, or individuals with mobility challenges will benefit from wearing slippers that minimize the potential for injuries from falling. 

Why Slippers Are Better than Bare Feet

Protection from Germs and Infections

While a slippery floor presents some obvious dangers, have you considered the hazards that cover our surfaces but are invisible to the naked eye? Despite our best efforts of sweeping and mopping, it’s impossible to completely sanitize the germs off the floor. 

Luckily, slippers offer protection that bare feet can’t provide and act as a barrier against fungal infections and other pathogens lurking below. It’s particularly easy to pick up harmful microbes or conditions like athlete’s foot where exposure is higher, like the communal facilities at gyms, hostels, and pools, or even your bathroom at home. However, slippers create a hygienic layer between your feet and these potentially contaminated surfaces, reducing the risk of contracting infections.

Protection from Injuries

At any given moment, you can probably find all sorts of bits and annoyances covering your house’s floors––from dust & dirt you brought in from outside to food you dropped or splattered in the kitchen. 

Not only will slippers keep your feet clean and help to improve your mood, but they’ll also protect you from common household injuries. What’s more excruciating than accidentally stepping on a Lego or stubbing your toe on a corner? Slippers act as a cushioning barrier, minimizing the chance of these painful bumps & bruises. 

In addition, if you enjoy DIY projects or you’ve recently remodeled, wearing slippers allows you to move more comfortably throughout your home without the fear of stepping on a nail or splintered wood. 

Thermal Regulation

A lot of us ignored the superstition that getting cold could make you sick, but it turns out our parents were right: staying warm is vital for warding off diseases and illnesses, including bundling up your feet. In fact, a study from Cardiff University’s Common Cold Center revealed the correlation between cold feet and the onset of common cold & flu symptoms. 

The study explains that when your feet get cold, your body goes through a series of changes to compensate for this heat loss, even slowing down the movement of your nose hairs and impacting their power to filter out germs. Putting on slippers is a simple way to keep your feet warm and stabilize your body temperature, especially in colder climates like Canada. 

warm feet in slippers

Slippers won’t only help you fight off infections, but they’ll also insulate your feet and make you feel more comfortable in chilly weather. Their ability to retain warmth will protect you against cold floors and help you stay cozy, boosting your sense of relaxation and well-being. 

Our Top Non-Slip, Orthotic Slippers

At Foamtreads, we design our slippers to offer you the best support, protection, and comfort. Our extensive line caters to everyone––from casual folk lounging around the house to patients with health concerns that affect their feet or mobility. We draw on a unique blend of European and Canadian designs to provide innovative and comfortable slippers for men and women. 

All of our slippers offer non-slip soles, and we even have a medical line presenting a variety of orthotic benefits. Some of our top slipper models include:

  • Debbien 2 Violet SlipperThis women’s slipper started as a summer exclusive, but we’ve included it year-round in our collection out of popular demand. It’s got double-adjustable straps, an open-toe design, and removable leather insoles. 
  • Regal 2 Navy SlipperThis lightweight classic men’s slipper offers the ultimate comfort at home with Nylex lining and leather insoles.
  • Nurse 2 Black Satin Slipper Part of our medical line, this women’s slipper has a 3-way adjustable hook & loop strap, providing orthotic support and a tailored fit. 

And, if you’re wondering how we cushion our products, all of our slippers use memory foam for a custom, comfy fit. 

Ultimately, quality, supportive slippers have the power to improve your foot health and contribute to your overall well-being. If you’re looking for an easy way to better protect your body from the aches and pains in your feet, bumps and bruises from tripping, infections on the floor, or chilly weather, wearing slippers is the superior choice to going barefoot. Whether you’re working in an office, running errands, or just moving around your house, your feet bear the brunt of a lot of daily wear & tear, significantly impacting your mood––when you take care of your feet, you’re taking care of yourself.