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Watering a plant wearing Foamtreads slippers

Indoor vs. Outdoor Slippers: Do You Need Both?

When you think of indoor footwear, you probably imagine the mere morning ritual of shuffling from the bed to the bathroom in a pair of old, tattered slippers. But these comfortable house slippers have expanded their role and can now take you from the lounge chair all the way to the outside world. So, what’s the difference between indoor and outdoor slippers, and how can you decide which is best for you? We know a thing or two about designing top-notch slippers here at Foamtreads, so we’ll help you navigate the distinctions and ensure your feet get the best support, no matter where your day takes you. Let’s step into the world of comfort & style and explore how form follows function in both indoor and outdoor slippers. 

Indoor v. Outdoor Slippers – What’s the Difference? 

Loungewear is gaining popularity as fashion trends shift to comfort-first, and our health & well-being are all the better for it. The humble slipper is now not only the shoe you slide into when you get out of bed, but it can double as the perfect companion for running to the mailbox, enjoying your backyard, or even for a walk around the block. 

If you plan on wearing your slippers in various settings, investing in a pair that can handle and are best suited for their surroundings is crucial. For example, indoor slippers are primarily for at-home use and excel in warmth & coziness. As you’d imagine, indoor slippers are often backless for an effortless slip-on design and may use non-marking rubber soles to prevent marks on your hardwood floors or bathroom tiles. 

On the other hand, an outdoor slipper is comfortable yet versatile enough to transition from indoors to out. It should equip you with protection & durability, along with adjustable straps or a closed back for a more secure fit. Because they’ve got non-slip soles, you can expect better grip on all surfaces, from light yard work to strolling through paths in the garden. 

How to Choose Which Set of Slippers You Need

Material Considerations

Checking out the slipper’s materials is your first step to deciding whether they’re apt for outdoor use or better off as a house shoe. An indoor slipper should support your feet and feel comfortable while walking between rooms or doing chores but also keep them toasty against cold floors or chilly climates. Look for a pair featuring soft Merino wool or terry linings to retain heat and stretchy knit fabric or suede exteriors for flexibility & breathability. 

Outdoor slippers, on the other hand, are made from tougher materials that won’t easily wear down as you walk over concrete or through some light snow or rain. If you plan to wear them around the yard or onto the sidewalk, consider tumbled leather, rubber, or synthetic blend exteriors for better water & stain resistance. If you just want outdoor slippers for ease of use on the porch or a quick trip down the driveway, opt for warm & cozy fabrics like corduroy and plaid, or indulge in faux fur and warm fleece linings to feel like you’re walking on a cloud. 

You might assume that an indoor slipper’s plush materials will wear out quicker, but Foamtreads slippers are made of reliable & resilient textiles that stand the test of time. Likewise, while an outdoor slipper may not be completely waterproof and shouldn’t replace your street shoes, a quality pair ensures protection & longevity. 

Comfort and Orthopedic Benefits

Maybe it’s a no-brainer, but your slippers need to be equally as supportive as they are comfortable. Both indoor & outdoor models prioritize comfort, but their approaches differ––indoor slippers center around softness for relaxation at home, while their counterparts emphasize durability for short excursions. 

Slippers designed with orthotic features in mind provide you with essential foot alignment & arch support for all your daily activities, from folding laundry to watering the flowers. Because it molds to your natural footprint, proper cushioning can relieve joint & muscle pain and improve or prevent foot problems. At Foamtreads, we even use cushy memory foam insoles to reduce the impact on the parts of your feet that suffer more strain. 

comfortable indoor slippers

Non-Slip Safety

Another essential factor when investing in your footwear is solid, non-slip rubber soles. We encounter a lot of slick surfaces throughout the day, from mopping the floors or sleek wood panels indoors to icy patches or smooth stone surfaces outdoors. Whether in or around the house, choosing slippers with non-slip soles provides better adherence and can save you from an accidental fall or unfortunate injuries. 

More specifically, older adults, children, and individuals with mobility challenges can significantly benefit from shoes with more grip on the ground; in fact, a study from the National Library of Medicine drew the connection between going barefoot or in socks with a greater risk of falling indoors. Luckily, we’ve got you covered, and you won’t have to worry about that – all of our slippers are made with durable, non-slip soles to keep you safe (and comfortable). 

Use Case

So, the final question you have to ask yourself is when & where you’ll use your slippers the most. Are they for regular daily use & chores around the house, or just for cozying up to the fireplace on the weekends? Will you only need them indoors because you live in an apartment, or do you plan to take out the trash or run to the mailbox? 

While indoor slippers are ideal for leisurely activities at home with their plush materials & enhanced support, outdoor slippers instead provide more sturdiness and may feature weather & stain-resistant materials for your ventures into the open air. Regardless of the setting, your slippers should keep your feet warm as the temperatures drop into the winter or in colder climates like Canada.

The good news is that many slippers can serve you both indoors and out. Because, let’s be real, our lifestyles are never black & white, and you’re just as likely to need some that protect you from splashes & mud in the backyard as you need a pair for stains & annoyances on the kitchen floor. The most important thing is investing in slippers that offer quality materials for the best fit & support.

Our Top Picks: High-Quality Indoor Slippers

Our slippers at Foamtreads cover a wide range of comfort-focused styles & designs for both men & women, whether you need them indoors, outdoors, or a mix of both. Based on an innovative blend of European and Canadian traditions, our slippers emphasize orthotic benefits to provide you with a confident & comfortable stride. 

Discover some of our favorite slippers for indoor or outdoor use: 

  • Arizona Chestnut Slipper — These classic women’s moccasin-style slippers will have no trouble keeping your feet warm, featuring a closed back, decorative lace, and genuine suede exterior. With a medium width, they’re great for wider feet on a quick trip outside.
  • Whitney Grey Slipper — One of our most popular designs, these slip ons have a soft terry lining and wool upper, perfect for lounging around or quickly sliding on to greet a guest at the door. 
  • George Spice Slipper — Picture the quintessential slipper and you’ll probably envision our George Spice. These men’s slippers have the arch support, breathable slip-on design, and soothing micro suede exterior you need while moving around the house.
  • Regal 2 Aubergine Slipper — With a timeless & stylish design, these closed-back slippers offer a corduroy exterior and are great for sitting or working on the back porch. 

Of course, as we’ve mentioned, all our slippers include thick, removable memory foam soles for ideal cushioning and increasing blood flow for swollen, worn-out feet. In addition, no matter the model, every slipper has a non-slip sole to take your worries of sliding or falling away. 

In a world where comfort increasingly reigns supreme, slippers have evolved beyond the confines of your home and can now take you from the kitchen & living room down to the mailbox or on strolls through the neighborhood. Choosing between indoor or outdoor slippers hinges on your routines and the footwear’s practicality & materials. While indoor models offer snug leisure for relaxing or moving around the house, outdoor ones blend flexibility & sturdiness for venturing outside. No matter what you decide, your slippers should provide your feet the comfort & support they need, ensuring your days are a bit more enjoyable and brighter.